Security Jobs for Strong Candidates


Quick Contact:

  • Candidates -- email to ask questions, introduce yourself and/or submit a resume for our database. Email is truly the best and only way to make the initial contact.
  • Confidentiality assured: Resumes will be held confidentially -- not used (distributed or discussed) without your prior approval after discussing your interest in a specific position with a specific employer. 


Recruiters seek candidates for specific positions when client companies engage them. We use all of the following sources: 

  • Our candidate database - a wide variety of security specialists and executives
  • Online candidate sources
  • Referrals from our contacts in security-related professions
  • Networking with sources
  • Member information from professional groups and associations
  • Other sources - whatever seems promising for each search

How to Become a Candidate

In most cases you can't apply for a position we are filling unless we contact you directly. The exception is by responding to postings we sometimes place online where security specialists exchange information.  

But we invite all security specialists and executives to add their resumes to the database. It could become your link to a great opportunity. And it can't hurt your career. Just send your resume by email to the address above. 

Your resume will be kept indefinitely and only used if your qualifications match one of our future searches. Our database is always searched when we receive a new recruiting assignment. If your resume looks good, we will contact you to explore your interest.

What to Expect from a Recruiter

We work for hiring companies so we focus on their needs. We do not work for individual candidates seeking new positions, so we cannot help individuals find a new position. But we do focus on the selected candidates we identify as qualified for consideration for specific positions. Here is what you can expect:

  • Honest middleman - working toward offer/acceptance of a position you want 
  • Discretion - preventing detection of your candidacy by your current employer
  • Confidentiality - keeping your resume and other information private
  • Career advice - helping you evaluate new opportunities vs. your needs
  • Negotiation - advising you as you consider an offer and negotiating terms

In most cases you can't apply for a position we are filling unless we contact you directly. The exception is by responding to postings we sometimes place online where security specialists exchange information.


We are especially grateful for people who recommend other professionals or pass along information to qualified candidates for specific positions. If we contact you to consider a new position but you know someone else who would be a better fit, you could do a great favor for your associate by connecting us. That's what sources do. And we'll gladly send you a valuable and enjoyable token of our appreciation if that person is hired by our client. 

Passive Candidates

The most elusive and highly-valued information security specialists and physical security executives are those who are not looking for a job. They are passive which only means not active. But passive is a status which may change due to unforeseen changes in the economy, the industry, the department, the management, job conditions, family circumstances, etc. 

Passive candidates do not want to be bothered by recruiters. But they would not be bothered by a completely confidential and professional email message informing then of an opportunity.

Passive candidates are invited to be part of our database. We will never prod you to do anything you are not open to do.