We Find and Recruit Strong Candidates

You have a need, we'd love to fill it -- quickly with the best available candidate. 


Quick Contact:

  • Employers -- call 414-975-5760 -- talk to Don Cornell (chief recruiter) about your needs and explore how we can help fill your positions quickly. Or email dwc@securityexecs.com for quick response.


Recruiter's Role - Faster, Easier and Better Hiring

As dedicated specialist recruiters, we can improve the process, if you let us. You will need:

Trust - Engaging a recruiter is as act of faith based on trust -- trust that we know recruiting and know security and have the professional commitment to do the job well. So trusting our judgment is perfectly reasonable. Trust us to:

  • Represent your company well and confidentially to protect your interests
  • Carefully qualify candidates and present only the best for your consideration
  • Accelerate the recruiting process as much as possible
  • Maintain candidate contact to keep the best engaged until hired
  • Serve as an honest middle-man working to complete a win-win recruitment

Flexibility - Recruiting suffers when bureaucracy impedes your ability to act quickly and decisively. Reducing the number of steps and pressing for speed within your company can make a big difference.

Employer's Role - Improving the Hiring Process

Finding strong candidates is just part of the hiring process, and not the first step. Getting new talent onboard always takes longer than expected, but time can be reduced dramatically by committing to a better process:  

Really define the position - Job descriptions are often too much and too little at the same time - both verbose and lacking in essential information. They can keep a recruiter from finding the best fit. Rather than rewriting it, compose a one-page list that could take its place or augment the recruiter's knowledge of what the job really entails. 

Candidate "musts"Recruiters will strive to find candidates with all the musts. But most often these are overstated because they represent the ideal not the necessary. And great candidates with offsetting strengths may be excluded. Better to be flexible with fewer musts and be open to a recruiter's overall assessment of candidate strengths.

Quick and helpful feedback - Recruiters may need help zeroing in on your needs. Rapid review and substantial comment on candidate referrals will improve their aim and reduce hiring time.  

Candidate contact - Attention impresses candidates, so calling them to establish your interest and validate the recruiter's referral should be done within a few days. The call should satisfy both parties that the job is a good fit and the candidate is interested and motivated.  

Interview ASAP - Don't defer in-person interviewing while you wait to see who else is found and qualified -- a week or two could be too long. A strong candidate may be hired by a faster-acting competitor while you wait. Or it may discourage the candidate who could see inaction as lack of interest or indicative of a too-slow, too careful company culture.

Interview efficiently - Strive to have all decision makers involved in the candidate's first visit to your office. Organize the interview/feedback process to ensure maximum exposure by emphasizing the importance of recruiting to your team. At day's end, collect feedback at a wrap-up meeting with your team and make a go/no-go decision if possible. 

Next-day follow-up - Whatever the decision - yes/no/maybe - contact the candidate early the next day. Be totally honest about any concerns and the need for follow-up meetings or delays expected for whatever reason.  

Keep in touch - Unless the candidate is a definite non-fit, be sure to keep in touch by frequent calls or emails. Delays happen for many reasons, don't let them dampen the candidate's interest. Time is not on your side.

Offer and negotiation - Once your decision is made, reel in your catch. You should already be on the same page if your recruiter did his job. But details can easily undo a deal. Prevent that by phone or in-person contact with the hiring executive. Learn the details and understand the concerns, then strive to develop a win-win offer.