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  • Employers -- call 414-975-5760 -- talk to Don Cornell (chief recruiter) about your needs and explore how we can help fill your positions quickly. Or email for quick response.
  • Candidates -- email to ask questions, introduce yourself and/or submit a resume for our database. Email is truly the best and only way to make the initial contact.


We know security -- information security and physical security. We've helped hire highly qualified specialists in security since 2001 by tightly focusing on specific needs of our clients. We work quickly and confidentially to match great qualified candidates with outstanding opportunities.

Why Clients Hire Us

Faster hiring - We don't waste your time with under-qualified or under-motivated candidates. We are highly motivated to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

Better candidates - The candidates you want to interview probably aren't looking for a job, so they won't see your ad. We target candidates who are not looking.

Discretion - Your openings are not everybody's business. Only qualified candidates need to know you have a job to fill. And you won't be distracted by a tsunami of not-even-close applicants.

Save HR resources - Internal recruiters excel at filling positions that do not require extensive qualifying of hard-to-find specialists and executive candidates. But that is our forte. Our security and technical knowledge helps us focus quickly on the best candidates.

Save money - Pay only for performance; no fee until our candidate is hired.

Security Jobs - Our Specialty

The growth of security as a key business issue has expanded the number and variety of security related positions in all industries and public sector entities. Likewise, the scope of our recruiting has broadened to include virtually all security-related positions.

Executives - Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) plus all director and manager levels reporting within the security-related organizations.

Information Security - Specialists in security typically working within an IT department or within a business unit impacted by issues of security, privacy and control.

IT Audit and Information Security Consultants - Specialists using audit and consulting skills to improve security and control for client companies or as internal IT auditor and consultant teams.

Security Industry Sales - All levels of sales-related positions -- VP-Sales, Sales Executives, Account Managers, Sales Engineers and security subject-matter experts -- in companies providing security software, hardware and service solutions to customer enterprises.

Security Recruiting Qualifications

We've recruited candidates for a wide range of client companies -- from Fortune 100 and Big Four consulting firms to a 20-person start-up and an Indian tribe. Size and industry do not matter -- finding the best candidate is essential to all. Consider:

  • Experience - 25+ years in recruiting
  • Effectiveness - 400+ positions filled
  • Repeat business - multiple positions filled for 40% of clients
  • Technical knowledge - based on deep specialization
  • Executive presence - able to communicate effectively at all levels
  • Focus on client needs - we will not waste your time

Affiliated Services - Recruiting Auditors and IT Auditors

Specialized focus - Our affiliated firm, Audit Recruiters, recruits auditors and IT auditors, two high-demand specialties closely related to security. Click here to connect directly:

Audit Recruiters -- specialist audit and IT audit job recruiter